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No other virtual leadership development programs are this personal, practical, or impactful. No others deliver such comprehensive training and support in a private, online setting and no others offer the opportunity to master the consequential conversations that make or break a leader’s influence. Finally, no others were developed and  are delivered by

Cheryl Wiles & Alesia Latson

LeadvantEDGE Leadership Programs lay the groundwork for successful leadership. Our framework provides the tools and training that enable graduates to:

Experience a stunning shift in their ability to produce remarkable results

Lead with confidence and clarity to influence effective thought and action ​

Exercise the active listening skills that promote successful, productive relationships

Communicate successfully and have challenging conversations with ease

Engage in conflict productively and inspire alignment

Project positive energy and a commanding leadership presence


LeadvantEDGE programs are truly transformational. You'll lead with confidence, positivity, and success. Call us and get the edge you need to lead.


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Content was truly amazing: the videos, articles, skill drills all were powerful learning tools.

Director of Logistics

Before this program I would just follow my instincts and it didn’t always work well for me. After the program, I am much more deliberate about my approach, and I’ve had so much more success.”

VP, Supply Chain for North America

Both of my direct reports tell me how much they are enjoying the program, and they definitely see it as a benefit, and not a burden. This isn’t always the case with online programs, and I’m appreciative that our company is offering this kind of quality program.

Business Development

Highly recommend. I wish I had taken this course much earlier in my career.

Clinical Applications Specialist

Since I was 24 years old, I had leadership roles in the Army so I was skeptical about what more I could learn. The program surprised me. I definitely learned a lot and I’m a strong supporter.

Manager of Customer Solutions

A fantastic program. I think everyone in our organization that is in a leadership role should go through this course.

Area Sales Director

I have already told my manager that I thought all of my counterparts and even some of my top sales executives would benefit from the program.

Manager Quality Assurance

I would definitely recommend this course to peers. I already have a few in mind that are team players with the best intentions but sometimes struggle with getting their message across, especially in conflict situations. They have the right values, just need some new tools in their toolbox.

Senior Financial Controller

The content of the course was very relevant - addresses issues I face on a daily basis - provided an insight on how best to address these issues.

Division Sales Director

The Skill Drill sessions gave me a "safe space" to try the skills out in a close to "real life" fashion which increased my comfort level in using then in the daily work life.

Who needs the LeadvantEDGE Intentional Leadership Program?


You have one or more high potential
employees who would benefit from
effective leadership training. You lack
an internal leadership program and don't
have the resources to implement one.

You need LeadvantEDGE.

You're lucky enough to work for a company
that wants to invest in your development.
You want to be the kind of effective leader
you can be proud of and one who leads with
the confidence to influence your reports.

You need LeadvantEDGE.

You've been promoted to a management
position. You suddenly have a team of
direct reports looking to you to lead them.
You know you can do this, but it's a bit
daunting and you could use some help.

You need LeadvantEDGE.

What you'll get with LeadvantEDGE Programs


Carefully curated and original content, custom videos delivered to your desktop via your custom virtual dashboard


Pre- and post-assessments
and success tracking


Group sessions led by our
best-in-class coaches with a
cohort of like-minded leaders 


Downloadable templates, tools and reading materials with real-world, actionable ideas


LeadvantEDGE coaches have worked with the most admired companies and helped individual leaders across the globe.


Our certificate of completion that says that you have the edge you need to lead




and Personal

Sounds great, but how does it work?

here's what you get

LeadvantEDGE’s Leadership Programs include virtual coaching, weekly online conferencing, collaboration with a cohort of like-minded leaders, and access to a library of practical resources all delivered using the latest collaborative tools and technology. You’ll apply what you learn on the job, and the benefits will become clear almost immediately. Divided into modules, the program provides:

Members-only access to LeadvantEDGE online classes & resources

Comprehensive lessons with assignments released in digestible weekly modules

Engaging videos and rigorous skill drills to exercise those leadership muscles

Weekly LIVE group coaching sessions with our trainers and your cohort to share experiences and get expert guidance

Connection with fellow students to collaborate on real-world best practices

A library of useful resources that up your leadership game


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