Cheryl Harris

LeadvantEDGE Coach

Cheryl Harris is a seasoned consultant, executive coach, manager and workshop facilitator with more than 25 years of professional experience in diverse environments. Cheryl Harris and Associates, Inc., consults to organizations to increase effectiveness, coach leaders and to support diversity, equity and inclusion. “She understands business and people which helps you really look at what you are doing. She is highly theoretical, yet very practical,” states one client. The blend of Cheryl’s expertise provides her clients with an insightful comprehensive, fully integrated experience.

In the role of leadership coach, Cheryl engages the leader in a reflective learning process that accelerates growth, supports creativity, and facilitates achievement of identified business results. Her integrative approach and reflective learning process enable leaders to look at themselves in deeper ways and to discover areas for growth that will have significant impact in the business environment. Cheryl has coached leaders in some of the following organizations, Vertex Pharmaceuticals; Massachusetts General Hospital; Merck; Dell; Harvard University; Family Nurturing Center; Attleboro Public Schools; Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers, to name a few.

Simultaneously, Harris is an ordained American Baptist Minister and has served as senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Attleboro since June 2012. Her career includes the role of managing partner of Ibis Consulting Group; human resources director of Executive Perspectives and several leadership roles at Delta Dental Plan of MA, as director of operations, director of customer service and human resources professional.

The fusion of Cheryl’s multiple areas of expertise provides her clients with a rich and comprehensive experience. Her wisdom rises out of her varied professional, personal, academic and spiritual evolution. Cheryl’s passion springs from a profound desire to forge inclusive organizations that encourage human beings to flourish.