Ed Stern

LeadvantEDGE Coach

Ed Stern is dedicated to supporting leaders and leading-edge organizations as they work to align vision and strategy with leadership development and practice. He has been at the helm of his own company for 20+ years honing his own leadership skills and mentoring others from a place of deep empathy for the courage and vulnerability it takes to lead with intention.


Being a great leader today requires possession of a wide variety of skills, and, more importantly, it demands that one is open to ongoing learning. Stern works with managers and leaders who are in daily pursuit of being more excellent, and organizations that recognize the importance of ongoing leadership training.


As an executive and leadership coach, Ed has created custom leadership programs for his clients to help them facilitate strategic conversations, to implement change and transformation initiatives, to build high performance teams, and more. Other coaching areas include: Influence, Innovation, Culture, Conflict, Decision-Making, Personal Branding, Communications, High-Performing Teams.


Stern has worked with individuals at all levels, in the private and public sectors, in start-ups and established organizations. He has developed programs in various industries including healthcare, communications, finance, real estate and more, and he has worked with groups such as the U.S. Navy, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US Department of Defense, and the Australian Embassy, as well as a variety of non-profits and private companies.


Ed’s work meets individuals and organizations where they are, helping them answer today’s problems as well as providing them with tools they can use to meet tomorrow’s challenges.