The LeadvantEDGE                                   


Our Story

Alesia and Cheryl created LeadvantEDGE in response to a persistent problem that exists inside organizations of all sizes and industries. That is, leaders and managers who are unskilled communicators have the potential to do harm. This presents a problem because leadership happens one conversation at a time. The classic maxim is true: employees leave managers not companies. Poor interpersonal skills not only hurt the bottom line, but also negatively impact productivity, collaboration, employee satisfaction, engagement and turnover. Precious energy, time and money are wasted on the swirl that ineffective communication creates inside of organizations.

To tackle this problem, many corporations turn to executive coaching or training programs delivered in the classroom or online.

Unfortunately, most leadership development programs center around knowledge acquisition rather than lasting cognitive and behavioral change. Even well-intentioned graduates suffer from the “forgetting curve” – and the return on investment for corporations is modest at best. In fact, American corporations today spend an estimated $160B annually on learning and development initiatives. Yet employees forget up to 70% of the material taught – meaning up to $120B is wasted.*1-2

At LeadvantEDGE our mission is to close the gap between knowing and doing, by applying the science of behavioral change. We address the “forgetting curve” and support deep learning though rigorous skill practice, real-time feedback and coaching over time.

Our clients report that they have gained access to a set of foundational leadership and communication skills that transform their relationships and enable them to create alignment, foster engagement, gain true buy-in, resolve conflict and influence effectively.


Our Secret

Becoming a skillful communicator, (that is saying the right things, in the right way, at the right time), doesn’t happen just by KNOWING what to do but by DOING what to do. This requires deliberate practice over time with the guidance of a skilled coach.


That’s how LeadvantEDGE was born. Our goal is to provide lasting communication skill mastery that is hard-wired and makes a measurable difference in someone’s leadership effectiveness. Clients tell us that it’s working!

Our Source

The source of our passion and commitment to this work stems from our belief that everyone deserves a great manager at work, and managers want to be great, if they only knew how. We work in service of knowing that when people find satisfaction and connection at work, the benefits are extraordinary – in terms of engagement, commitment, productivity, and happiness.