Scott Hilton-Clarke

LeadvantEDGE Coach

Scott Hilton-Clarke is a visionary who works with executives and managers to transform their teams and businesses by maximizing synergy and workplace productivity. Whether a Fortune 500 company or the United Nations, in regions as breathlessly varied as the Middle East or the Caribbean, Scott’s clients benefit from his experience, warmth, and meticulousness. Scott doesn’t just detect greatness—he has spent nearly three decades cultivating it. As a master communicator, Scott has offered unique and transformative plans of action to more than 300 clients worldwide.


Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Scott was a precocious youngster. Frequently, his mother would find him sitting in silence with his family’s elders, absorbing their wisdom. Scott eventually became an ardent listener and master communicator, utilizing these skills to identify the hidden inspiration and innate abilities informing each person’s experiences.


In 1982, Scott left Trinidad and Tobago for the United States, earning a BSc in Information Systems and Economics at New York University and an MBA at Harvard Business School. At the start of his career, he secured a position at IBM as a product developer and planner, contributing to the competitiveness of a select line of software and earning prestigious company awards for his success.


Scott would move on to pursue a career as a management consultant—re-engineering business practices, developing cutting-edge technological solutions, and ultimately enhancing clients’ financial performance. As Scott worked to reinvent business practices and pinpoint opportunities for growth, he developed similar strategies for leaders. He soon established Inspiration Labs, grounding the company in a belief that anyone could achieve beyond their perceived realm of possibility—with the right support. Scott would establish a lucrative firm of his own, crossing continents to lend his mastery to Saudi Arabia’s oil and gas sector and working to advise UNICEF Country Heads in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.


Recognized for his efforts by the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Scott was appointed to the position of Founding Director of the Board of Governors for The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT). Scott also became a Member of the Board of Directors for Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA), the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI), the National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST) and the Harvard Business School Community Partners Programme. He has been a featured speaker at Virgin Atlantic’s “Business as an Adventure” conference and was part of the team responsible for launching TEDx in Trinidad and Tobago.


Despite his many achievements, Scott has never forgotten his island roots. Scott lives in Trinidad and Tobago with his wife and globe-trotting children, with an additional office in the United States. He continues to work with senior executives and leading institutions in both public and private sectors across the world.