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Trusted by Fortune 500 companies across the US, Cheryl Wiles and Alesia Latson have helped thousands of managers transform themselves.

Executive Coaches with over 25 years of experience each, Cheryl and Alesia have advised industry executives at leading companies and they've taught students at the nation's top business schools.

They've been leaders themselves and they recognize the difficulty that management responsiblities bring. They understand your new role and responsibilities because they've been there. And they know that without the right support and guidance, becoming an exceptional manager is almost impossible. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from two of the most effective coaches in the business.

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The best development happens on the job. To foster that development, we advocate that it takes 3 things

Great Curriculum – content that makes a real difference for leaders

Deliberate Practice - the chance to practice over time and get real-time feedback from coaches and a supportive community of peers

One-on-One coaching to target specific challenges in a safe space

The LeadvantEDGE Intentional Leadership Program is truly transformational. You'll lead with confidence, positivity, and success. Here's the whole story.






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The LeadvantEDGE                                   


Alesia Latson
Founder & CPO
Cheryl Wiles
Founder & CDO
Carolyn Halunen
Founding Partner & CRO
Tami Floyd
Founding Partner & COO

LeadvantEDGE Coaches

Joann Baney
Scott Hilton-Clarke
Larry Lewis
Samantha Tan
Jeanne Fox-Alston
Elizabeth Johnson
Deb Levy
Marin Swenson Waxenberg
Suzanne Frazier-Wilkins
Marcia Kimm-Jackson
Terri Nimmons
Cheryl Harris
Ian Jackson
Ed Stern